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Indonesian Disaster

Indonesia is the world’s third highest-populated country in Asia with 262 million of people, and 40% of its people might be the victim of unprecendented natural disaster in the future

Indoensia is also a unique country blessed with abudance of natural resources, but comes with its own convolated problems in terms of its Geology and Hidrology aspects. This gives a huge impact on the frequent occurences of vairous natural disasters in Indonesia.

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Disaster Profile

In Indonesia

Indonesia is a natural disaster prone country, and often referred to as the “Disaster Supermarket”


Indonesia has 407 climate patterns with 342 season zone patterns and 65 patterns of non-season zones


Indonesia has 500 volcanoes located at the meeting point of 3 lithospheric plate. Indonesia is also located on 3 shelf areas and between 2 circums


Indonesia is located between 2 continents and 2 oceans, which are Asia continents and Australia continents, Pacific ocean and Hindia ocean


Indonesia is the fourth most populous nation in the world with 262 million population. 27.3% are 0-14 years old, 66.5% are 15-64 years old, and 6.1% are 64 years old and above
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The number of natural disaster from 2005-205
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The total percentage of Hydrometeorology disasters
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The total percentage of Geologican disasters
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The Influence of climate change also contributes in increased of Hydrometeorology disasters

Diambil dari data yang dihimpun dalam Data Informasi Bencana Indonesia (DIBI)-BNPB

- Grafik Jumlah Kejadian Bencana 2005 - 2015 (diolah dari BNPB, 2016)

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The Best Disaster

Constructed a Beehive bunker, a bunker intended to accomodate government workers to keep ongoing tasks and responsibilities to secure safety of citizens
Residents have been schooled to survive in possible disaster
A seismic motion detection alarm system gives residents 50-86 seconds timeframe to get into safety

The government has a system for sending mass short messages through cellphones as a warning disaster
Government gives an early warning via alarm and broadcast the occurence

Residents in disaster-prone areas have equipped themselves with bunkers at home
Established standards for earthquake resistant building construction

Periodically review building regulations

Equip citizens with survival skills from early age
Install the alarm systems as an early warning for residents when disaster comes

Police, medical teams, and rescue teams have integrated work standards when disasters occur


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