Asia is a large continent and has the largest human population of any continent, so it's not surprising that many of Asia's worst natural disaster have claimed more lives than any others in history. For that reason, Asia needs to strengthen the disaster management capabilities that exist at national level across Asia to protect its civilization
Top 10 countries in Asia in terms of death toll
caused by natural disaster
(2001 - 2019)
Countries with Best Disaster Management
  • Established standards for earthquake resistant building construction
  • Periodically review building regulations
  • Equip citizens with survival skills from an early age
  • Install the alarm systems as an early warning for residents when disaster comes
  • Police, medical teams, and rescue teams have integrated work standards when disasters occur
  • A seismic motion detection alarm system gives residents 50-86 seconds timeframe to get into safety
  • The government has a system for sending mass short messages through cellphones as a warning to disaster
  • Government gives an early warning via alarm and broadcast the occurence
  • Residents in disaster-prone areas have equipped themselves with bunkers at home
New Zealand
  • Constructed a Beehive Bunker, a bunker intended to accommodate government workers to keep ongoing tasks and responsibilities to secure safety of citizens
  • Residents have been schooled to survive in possible disaster
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Policies of Disaster Management in INDONESIA
Law No. 24/2007 Disaster Prevention
The change of paradigm of disaster management from responsive to preventive.
Deļ¬nition of disasters on the constitution of Republic of Indonesia No. 24, 2017 are events or series of events that threaten and disrupt the lives and livelihoods of people caused by natural factors and / or non-natural factors and human factors resulting in fatalities, environmental damage, property losses, and psychological impacts.
Presidential Decrees No. 8/2008 about The National Agency for Disaster Countermeasure
The National Agency for Disaster Countermeasure has the function of coordinating the implementation of disaster management activities, in a planned, integrated and comprehensive manner
(Point 1) Representing the country to protect people from disaster threatencana
(Point 3) Disaster Preparedness Village Program
(Point 5) Vulnerability Reduction and capacity increasing efforts
(Point 8) Character revolution through curriculum
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