ADEXCO 2022 Bali
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Mr. Muhadjir Effendy (Minister of Human Development and Cultural Affairs), Mr. Suharyanto (Head of The National Disaster Management Agency), Mr. Tjok Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati (Vice Governor of Bali Pro)
Mr. Simon Ernst as Counselor Development Effectiveness and Sustainability Australian Embassy giving his opening remarks in the Opening Ceremony
Mr. Muhadjir Effendy as Minister of Human Development and Cultural Affairs giving his opening remarks in the Opening Ceremony
Mr. Lilik Kurniawan as General Secretary of the National Disaster Management Agency presenting MOSIPENA
Talkshow National Industry Capabilities and Products to Support Disaster Prevention and Management in Indonesia
Mr. Andi Rizaldi as the Expert Staff to The Minister of Industry ready to demonstrate water filtration vehicle from PT KMWI
PT Catur Putra Guna Pratama demonstrate the VED technology as building solution in the earthquake-prone area
Mrs. I Gusti Ayu Bintang Darmawati, Minister of Women Empowerment and Child Protection, visiting Save The Children booth in ADEXCO
President Mr. Ir. Joko Widodo alongside with other ministers and state officials visiting ADEXCO 2022 and Indonesian House of Resilience
Water filtration vehicle by PT KMWI
Medical equipment industry display by ASPAKI
Device that transporting stretchers and patient in disaster area by PT Ranaya Fazza Utama
Drone industry booth by ASTTA and supported by Ministry of Industry
Integrated Mangrove Sowing System
VR experience about the disaster risk reduction and children resilience program by Save The Children
Talkshow Because Resilience is Local with Ms. Penny Williams, Australia's Ambassador for Indonesia, as one of the speakers